The Difference Envision TV Delivers Every Day

The moment people you start engaging with Envision, is the moment they choose to stop being victims of their environments and decide to claim their lives back.

You see, in order to have success, besides being exposed to great data, concepts, tips and techniques, people must be around the right form and amount of inspiration and motivation in order to put these concepts to use on a daily basis. This is what was missing until now in the market place and what we accomplished here at Envision. We have created the support system that will ensure our members achieve their goals.

Its very much like knowing how to build a muscle, or show you how a diet works…..we can teach you the concept and show you the techniques involved BUT if you don’t go to the gym or stick to the diet, regardless how much you know, you will simply not achieve your goals.

Decisions are made on the spot, every time. Changes are instant. It doesn’t take people 5 years to change…it takes 5 years for that person to finally decide that enough is enough. All you have to do is raise your standards and say this is it, I now choose to claim my life back. I wont postpone my dreams any more, I wont deny my greatness any longer, I am ready to create the life I want for myself and my loved ones.

About Envision

Envision Media Partners is a Positive Media company focused on producing, acquiring and distributing diverse media content that can helps people to find greatness in their live.

The company has a foundation of original and acquired exclusive programming syndicated traditional media platforms like mobile, streaming services, web destinations, broadcast networks, out-of-home networks and in theaters. Where the company stands out is in its added distribution platforms which include Immersive personal development Via Virtual Reality devices. The company is also developing Augmented Reality and Hologram delivery networks.

The company is a family of complementary brands…

  • Envision TV, a Global Personal Development network available across multiple distribution platforms that creates media that inspires people to find greatness in their lives.
  • EVR – Envision VR which produces Personal Development programs distributed in the world of virtual reality.
  • EAR – Envision AR is developing programs in Augmented Reality.

Our Core Values

  • Revolutionize the Personal Development industry using cutting-edge technology to create the greatest products on the planet.
  • Constantly pursue growth and never stop learning.
  • Always act with integrity and honesty while building relationships through strong communication.
  • Build a fun, free and respectful environment that creates a positive team and family spirit.
  • Do more with less.
  • Own and control the primary technologies behind the products we create.
  • Only participate in markets where we can make a significant contribution.
  • Never settle for anything less than excellence in every product we create, in every team
  • member we employ and in every division within the company. Have the self-awareness to
  • admit when we are wrong and the courage to change.
  • Think bigger then anyone else can and innovate more then anyone else is willing to.


Steven Samblis Founder, CEO & Director Steve is a an Entrepreneur with the mind of a Positive Disruptor who has blazed a path of innovation by focusing on finding and developing untapped greatness within industries, organizations and individuals .




        Ihar Heneralau VP of Product – VR/AR Ihar has a strong background in many areas including product management, product roadmap development, team building, project plan development, product tracking, market and competitive analysis, marketing, and client relations.   Linkedin



Chris Swiatek VP of Product – VR/AR Chris is a talented producer, VR and AR designer and project manager with a genuine passion for all types of VR design and interactive media. Linkedin





Warren Zide President of Film and Television Warren is a veteran film and TV producer with movies that have earned over $1 Billion Dollars at the box office, including the American Pie and Final Destination movie franchises.  Linkedin

Board of Advisors

Danny Le Advisory Board Member Danny is a Big 4 Consultant through and through. Focused on innovating solutions, developing markets, serving clients, growing businesses and making new partners across the Firm. Linkedin