The Difference Envision TV Delivers Every Day

The moment people you start engaging with Envision, is the moment they choose to stop being victims of their environments and decide to claim their lives back.

You see, in order to have success, besides being exposed to great data, concepts, tips and techniques, people must be around the right form and amount of inspiration and motivation in order to put these concepts to use on a daily basis. This is what was missing until now in the market place and what we accomplished here at Envision. We have created the support system that will ensure our members achieve their goals.

Its very much like knowing how to build a muscle, or show you how a diet works…..we can teach you the concept and show you the techniques involved BUT if you don’t go to the gym or stick to the diet, regardless how much you know, you will simply not achieve your goals.

Decisions are made on the spot, every time. Changes are instant. It doesn’t take people 5 years to change…it takes 5 years for that person to finally decide that enough is enough. All you have to do is raise your standards and say this is it, I now choose to claim my life back. I wont postpone my dreams any more, I wont deny my greatness any longer, I am ready to create the life I want for myself and my loved ones.


About Envision

Envision Media Partners is a Positive Media company focused on producing, acquiring and distributing diverse media content that can helps people to find greatness in their live.

The company has a foundation of original and acquired exclusive programming syndicated traditional media platforms like mobile, streaming services, web destinations, broadcast networks, out-of-home networks and in theaters. Where the company stands out is in its added distribution platforms which include Immersive personal development Via Virtual Reality devices. The company is also developing Augmented Reality and Hologram delivery networks.

The company is a family of complementary brands…

  • Envision TV, a Global Personal Development network available across multiple distribution platforms that creates media that inspires people to find greatness in their lives.
  • EVR – Envision VR which produces Personal Development programs distributed in the world of virtual reality.
  • EAR – Envision AR is developing programs in Augmented Reality.
  • EHP – Envision Hologram Productions which is producing content for Hologram theaters.


Our Core Values

  • Revolutionize the Personal Development industry using cutting-edge technology to create the greatest products on the planet.
  • Constantly pursue growth and never stop learning.
  • Always act with integrity and honesty while building relationships through strong communication.
  • Build a fun, free and respectful environment that creates a positive team and family spirit.
  • Do more with less.
  • Own and control the primary technologies behind the products we create.
  • Only participate in markets where we can make a significant contribution.
  • Never settle for anything less than excellence in every product we create, in every team
  • member we employ and in every division within the company. Have the self-awareness to
  • admit when we are wrong and the courage to change.
  • Think bigger then anyone else can and innovate more then anyone else is willing to.


Our Team

Steven Samblis
Envision TV was created by veteran TV host, Interviewer, Movie Critic and Entrepreneur Steven M Samblis. Before creating Envision TV, Steven had a meteoric career in business that saw him go from being ranked among the top 50 rookie stock brokers at Dean Witter Reynolds, to speaking before 250,000 people in 1999 for The Investors Institute. He went on to speak before congress on shareholder’s rights representing T Boone Pickens’ “United Shares Holders Association.”In 1989 he began working in the world of Personal Improvement, founding The Reason For My Success. The company grew into one of the largest sellers of self-improvement in North America. The Company expanded into production with the opening of Ziglar Productions where they produced Zig Ziglar’s “The Secret of Staying Motivated” and “The Secrets of Closing The Sales”.Steve collaborated with Chicken Soup for the Soul co-creator Mark Victor Hansen on the audio program that told the story of the company and how others could use permission based fax marketing. The program, called “The Worlds Greatest Marketing Tools”. The program sold over 100,000 copies in the first 6 months of its release.As a consultant, Steve created a new name brand for a struggling gym in Dover New Hampshire called Coastal Fitness. He then created a $9.95 a month business model which helped to turn the single gym into one of the most successful fitness franchises in North America, Planet Fitness. In November of 2015 Planet Fitness went public with a 1.6 billion dollar market valuation.For 6 years, before launching Envision TV, Steve hosted The Hollywood Fast Lane, a television show syndicated in North America and the UK. On the show Steve has interviewed over 1000 of the biggest actors and directors in entertainment one on one on camera. In the past 6 years Steve has produced 92 TV Episodes and 4 movies.

Mark Vega
General Counsel
Mark is an experienced intellectual property lawyer who has served technology and entertainment clients ranging from distributors and digital platforms to film and TV content creators to P&A funds and micro-cap financiers. His role may spanned from being an advocate, instigator or fixer, while always being focused on achieving the client’s objectives whether operating in the foreground or in the client’s seamless infrastructure.

Advertising, entertainment and technology intellectual property licensing including the development of business model IP frameworks involving software, platforms and infrastructure.
Production legal & business affairs original content team support for development, production and distribution from drafting rights acquisition agreements through production and distribution;
Strategic assessment of legal and business impacts on partner decisions related to multi-platform distribution of content including scripted and unscripted series television, documentary, docu-series and stand-up comedy programming.
Expertise in enforcement of stipulated settlements through litigation.

Jacob Morris
Mr. Morris has enjoyed a long career in the Digital Media space since he graduated from college with a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Mr. Morris considers himself an entrepreneur with a thirst for start-ups. Many consider Mr. Morris to be digital strategist pioneer. In 1996, he was one of the founding partners in, what is considered, the very first online ad-delivery network, Real Media, Inc. The predecessor to 24/7 Real Media. Mr. Morris helped build the company from a seven-man team to over 600 employees within a 3 year period. He also helped coined phrases and descriptions in the field that are used today. Mr. Morris helped create several departments within the company, including; Technical Support, Training, and Account Management. The training techniques that Mr. Morris created are still utilized to this day. Mr. Morris was instrumental in creating a $680 million dollar global marketing services company during his tenure there until 2001. When Mr. Morris left Real Media, he started his own consulting firm helping such companies as; Playboy, Forbes.com, NYTimes.com to increase their ad operations to the point of effectively quadrupling their profits.

Mr. Morris joined United Online (FTD, Netzero, Classmates) in 2005 to oversee the migration of their entire ad operations from a proprietary, in-house solution to Open AdStream (Real Media). Mr. Morris effectively trimmed down operations and increased ad profitability for the company. In 2008, Mr. Morris co-founded and was COO of a boutique ad-operations/marketing company, Commercial Road Media. The company’s focus was to provide comprehensive ad operation services to clients; DECA, VidShadow, EgoTV, CitySpur, SMOSH, and many more. Through effective management techniques, Mr. Morris was able to greatly increase ad-revenue for all his clients without having to increase staff size. In 2011, Mr. Morris accepted the position of COO with WOWIO, INC. (WWIO). Mr. Morris oversaw all operational aspects of the company and was instrumental in bringing the company to the OTC Market in 2014. Mr. Morris helped develop technical concepts for the company’s proprietary patent along with APP developmentsand produced several webisodes for the company’s PopGalaxy YouTube channel.

Currently, Mr. Morris is the Chief Marketing Officer for Envision TV and Cinema Buzz. He is responsible for marketing, advertising revenue and customer acquisition. Born in the East End of London, but reared in Los Angeles, CA, Mr. Morris is a resident of Beverly Hills, CA with his wife and son.

Richard Alvarez
Richard Alvarez is an entrepreneur, formerly worked in Real Estate and Venture investments handling multi-million dollar deals for a Fortune 500 Mortgage Firm. Richard began his business career in Construction, and by the age of 23 he had already owned numerous investment properties, and was a partner in a large Private Investment Company managing client’s financial portfolios. Richard’s ability to manage client portfolios while orchestrating profitable business deals, he also created Crown Entertainment, La Corona Tacos, Nationwide Investments and Freedom Financial.Richard’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership. His expertise is overseeing and guiding the careers of sales reps, providing them with strategic career planning, sales training, sound financial advice, and an extensive database of contacts.Richard Alvarez, is dedicated to building Freedom Energy into one of the most successful solar companies in the industry. The personal attention given to each client will help him create a career plan that will cater to their financial and solar needs.In addition to Richard Alvarez successful businesses, he is also a devoted husband and father of four. He attends all of his son’s football games, and makes sure to be heavily involved in his daughter’s lives, providing them with the “positive” role model that he continues to be. Despite all of his accomplishments, Richard doesn’t take anything for granted, often reminding himself of just how much hard work and determination are needed to get ahead.

Sergio Bruna
CCO – Chief Cultural Officer
Sergio Bruna is an entrepreneur, television presenter, writer, sales trainer and motivational speaker with more than 15 years of experience in the world of business and television.

Sergio was born in Madrid, Spain, and at the early age of 15 years he decided to leave his house to satisfy his need to know the world. After 3 countries, many jobs and adventures settled in Los Angeles, California where he now resides with his wife and 3 daughters.

In addition to having revolutionized the world of marketing and sales, Sergio has conquered audiences in the United States with his television show “El Pelado de la noche.” A program created, produced and presented by him. This show aired nationwide in primetime.

Today, Sergio Bruna is the proud owner of two businesses, a film and television production company and one of California’s most successful solar panel companies.

In his role as an entrepreneur, Sergio Bruna is one of the most prominent figures in the world of renewable energy at the national level. Recognized as the best trainer in the industry and having beaten sales records year after year, Sergio is committed to bringing his solar panel business to the top.
For the last 3 years Sergio has been the face of Chevy in all Latin markets around the World

David Vronay
David is an industry veteran with a proven track record of working with the best and brightest to shape and build complex products in both large enterprises and small start-ups. He have a uniquely broad combination of technical depth, user experience expertise, shipping experience, and people management.

David began his business career as a researcher for the Human Interface Group at Apple Computer, Inc from 1988 to 1993 where he was one of the original creators of the SK8 project, a meta-authoring tool based on Macintosh Common Lisp. Designed and implemented the acto-based graphic system and coded it in Assembly language. from there he founded ImaginEngine, Inc, a children’s software company with former Disney animators. Produced the award-winning Awesome Animated Monster Maker. He then worked for Microsoft as a Principal Program Manager from 1996 to 2011. Since then he has successfully started two other start ups which where they severed clients which included clients Include: Schlumberger, GE Healthcare, Microsoft, Facebook, Riot Games, DeviantArt, Advanced MD, Lumeris, and others.

Chris Swiatek
VP of VR/AR Development
As a graduate of USC’s acclaimed Interactive Media program, Chris has been involved in VR software and game development since the early days of the technology. His years of experience working on top-grossing titles in the mobile game industry have given him an expert eye for UI & UX design, interactive design, and monetization optimization.

In addition to his design experience, Chris has also worked as a project manager, producer and writer on multiple products from inception to completion and is thoroughly versed in the Unity and Unreal Engine content creation pipelines. As a co-founder and project manager at ICVR, Chris brings a strong creative and technical background to their multiple ongoing VR projects.

Ihar Heneralau
VP of VR/AR Development
Ihar brings years of experience as product manager with credits on multiple top-grossing mobile titles. He is an expert in the mobile production pipeline all the way from development to post-release live operations and is well-versed in product performance optimization based on metrics and user testing. His love for virtual reality as a medium led him to co-found ICVR where he currently manages development of multiple projects.

An extensive marketing background gives him an edge when it comes to identifying market trends and in positioning a product for maximum visibility and user acquisition potential. This expertise has placed his finger firmly on the pulse of the VR industry where he closely follows emerging trends and technologies.


Our Shows

Unstoppable with Sergio Bruna

Unstoppable is the most revolutionary, compelling and transformational video series ever created. With this program, the viewer will identify and get rid of the weights that they carry that prevent them from flying high.

Access Consciousness Presents

Everything in Access Consciousness is about empowering you with the awareness of the fact that you can perceive, know, be and receive everything infinitely. This shows gives you a front row seat the sold out seminars from around the world.

CEO Space Presents

CEO Space continues to be recognized for its unique cooperative, rather than competitive, conference, networking event, and re-invented trade show model. Members include top business executives, and emerging entrepreneurs alike, interacting on a level playing field that yields faster results.

The show brings you the greatest on stage moments from CEO Spaces’ 30 plus years of history.

Cooking for Bachelors

Cooking For Bachelors – helps a single guy survive in this uncertain dating world. With a little guidance our chefs will make you a rock star in the Kitchen. So sit back, grab your note pad and prepare to stand out above the common “take her to a restaurant guy”

In Search of  Mental Toughness

What does it mean to be Mentally Tough?  In the series we talk to the highest achievers in all walks of life to discover where Mental Toughness comes from and how anyone can apply it into their lives.

Masters of Success

Each Week we meet some of the most influential speakers and authors of the day and learn about their passion, vision and message.

My Home Office

“My Home Office” is a show that features the coolest stuff on the planet to turn your home office into a thriving business. The show also teaches you the etiquette of working from home and brings interviews with people that have successfully built multimillion dollar business from their homes.

Start-up Story

Each episodes we meet Entrepreneurs who have started new companies and talk about their path to success.

The Uncommon Denominator

Each week, our host will meet with another mogul of business in his journey to find out (with our viewers) what makes the highest achievers succeed. This is a reality show with real people, real moguls, and real icons with real answers. At the end of each season the show will publish a book called Common Denominator, which will lay out what everyone has learned throughout the series and how to apply it to business models and personal achievement goals.

1 Habit

1 Habit™ is a video series of 90 second lite bite of inspiration built around the idea that “Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.”

Successful people have habits. Things they do consistently every day of their lives. In this series we will meet the World’s highest achievers and ask them… “If you can pick just one habit to instantly instill in a child, what would it be?”

The series will be seen on the Envision TV network, in and out-of-home. Shortly after, we will publish 1 Habit™ a book built around the answers we have received.

The hope is, we will learn from people that came before us. We will learn what works and what is possible. In the process, we hope people will share their 1 Habit™ and find a new one to instill in themselves.

A building is built one brick at a time. Is it possible that greatness is built 1 Habit™ at a time?