I want to tell you a story about the willingness to go all in and stake everything to achieve your dreams.

The other day, I met a salesman who was eager to succeed. He approached me outside a store and told me he liked the car I was driving. After talking to him for about 30 minutes and seeing his desire to make money and find success… I decided to give him an opportunity to work on my team. There was something different about this young guy, I decided to help him because his hunger reminded me of me when I was younger.

I spent most of two days talking to him, I created a contract for him, shared the possibilities of my business. I printed business cards for him, created an email…He would call me every two hours to tell me how excited he was.

The following Monday, I decided to have a training session with my sales team and I invited him to participate… I wanted to start giving him prospects…. I told him we were launching a new sales campaign and I needed real monsters salesman. This would be his first action step toward the dreams he shared with me. It was going to be game day.
To my surprise, he never answered my texts, emails, or calls …

Obviously, he didn’t attend the training and, as a consequence, I had to remove him from my team. He wrote me later that day apologizing for not attending… he said he had to go to work, where by the way, he was earning minimum wage and he couldn’t miss work because he needed the money to cover his bills.

I was very disappointed… not because of the time I invested in this young man, but because I genuinely like him and I knew he had just lost one of his greatest opportunities.

It hurt me to see how his fear of losing his job, which he didn’t like btw…., prevented him from taking a course of action that would’ve given him the life he always wanted for himself and his family.

He didn’t know then, and may never know, how much his fear of loosing something that wasn’t enough for him anyway made him loose a career with me that would have given him everything he ever wanted…

He allowed fear to be an ingredient of the formula of making decisions and as a result he lost, big time. He didn’t follow his instincts and was unwilling to gamble and go all in, all because of fear.

I have salesman who earn a couple hundred thousand dollars a year and this young guy would have been there as well by his second year – I know this without a doubt!

He had tremendous potential… He lost all that money because he was afraid of losing a job that paid him $10 an hour. So what if for a week he had to eat rice and beans everyday? So what if his bills were a little late? So what if he had to tell the landlord, he’ll pay the rent next month? Or even what if he had to sleep on a friend’s couch for a couple of weeks? What a small price to pay to live a life that you have always dreamed about.

This guy made a decision that day, he preferred not to risk a life he doesn’t liked for a life that would have given him everything that he wanted.

I’m telling you this right now, so you don’t make the same mistake.

When opportunity knocks on your door, welcome it inside and don’t let it go. Hold on to it as tightly as you can.
Be willing to give up everything for a better life.

Be hungry, have faith, take action, and never ever quit.

Create your own path. Hence the saying “there is no path… the path is created the moment you begin walking.”

And … Remember to live with passion and determination!