Before a company leaves the launching pad, it is important to strongly identify it’s core values. After all, it is the Core Values from which a company develops it’s culture, brand and business strategies.

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of the organization and the people in it. They are the guiding principles that dictate behavior and action. Core values help people distinguish what is right from wrong. They help companies determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their business goals; and they create a road map of unwavering and unchanging guidance towards excellence.

For Envision, our Core Values where identified within the first month of forming the company.  Once in place, we immediately created the position of “Chief Cultural Officer” and placed Sergio Bruna into the position.  Sergio was the obvious choice as he is also the spokesperson for our company and in front of the public more then anyone else.  He is also a man that that lives our Core Values in his every day life.  It’s important to have such a person in every company who leads by example and is constantly educating others and helping them to find their greatest selves.

So, how do you define your Core Value’s? 

The process is much simpler then you would think.  Sit down with your business partners and talk about who you want to be as a company.  Talk about who you want to be as individuals.  Don’t limit the conversation to your current organizational size.  If you grow a hundred fold your Core Values stay the same.  As a mater of fact, having them in place will only make you stronger as you become the great company you always knew you would become.

Once you have them in written down, appoint the best person in your organization to be the guardian of those Core Values.  We called this position “Chief Cultural Officer”.  Feel free to use that or make up a title that you feel best fits.

The most important thing is once you have your Core Values written down, don’t just put them in a draw or a folder deep inside other folders on your desktop.  It’s time to make sure everyone knows them and looks to them daily to make sure everyone is living up to the Team’s purpose.  Your “Chief Cultural Officer” (who by-the-way may wear many other hats) will always be their to reaffirm not just the Core Values but the “why” behind each one.  This is the foundation step to creating a Corporate Culture that you can be proud of and will help define who you are now and in the future.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to look at what others are doing. Find the companies that you admire and look at their Core Values. Use these as a base of understanding to develop your own.  As a starting point for you, below are the Core Values that we created when forming Envision.

The Core Values For Envision…

  1. Revolutionize the Personal Development industry using cutting-edge technology to create the greatest products on the planet.
  2. Constantly pursue growth and never stop learning.
  3. Always act with integrity and honesty while building relationships through strong communication.
  4. Build a fun, free and respectful environment that creates a positive team and family spirit.
  5. Do more with less.
  6. Own and control the primary technologies behind the products we create.
  7. Only participate in markets where we can make a significant contribution.
  8. Never settle for anything less than excellence in every product we create, in every team member we employ and in every division within the company. Have the self-awareness to admit when we are wrong and the courage to change.
  9. Think bigger then anyone else can and innovate more then anyone else is willing to.