Don’t be afraid of the abyss, of change… Start associating fear as a sign that you’re moving in the right direction, I promise you is there around the corner were you’ll find the best version of yourself. It’s there, outside your comfort zone. It’s like growing your biceps. Everyone wants to have strong and nice looking biceps, right? Look at how you have to accomplish this. You have to leave the couch, go to a cold place, it smells, it’s noisy, you pick up a heavy piece of metal, and you hurt yourself – literally. What an obscene and artificial thing to do… you make yourself suffer to accomplish a goal when you could just be resting. Well, you know what ladies and gentleman? It is the law of life!!! The only way to achieve something big is through sacrifice!!!

Once I was watching this documentary, and I almost shit myself, the documentary was about a certain type of Eagle….. This type of Eagle flies very high, higher than any other bird, and when it sees its prey, it swoops down, and grabs it… that’s how eagles hunt right? 

Now, through the years, after hunting like this repeatedly, the Eagle develops scabs on its eyes, which prevents it from seeing. This happens as a result of the Eagle repeatedly swooping through the icy winds – damaging its eyes.

Can you imagine? An Eagle loses its greatest hunting attribute, which allows it to survive – its vision!

Most Eagles die of hunger, but there are some that instead of accepting death as their destiny, they do the unthinkable… Some eagles tear off their own feathers, destroy their claws, and break their beaks by hitting it against rocks. You know what happens as a result? The pain makes them cry and the salt from their tears heals the scabs in their eyes. After a few weeks, the beak and claws grow back. And the feathers are more lush than ever before. A stronger version of the Eagle is born, wise and capable, through the pain and suffering…

What impresses me the most about this type of Eagle is the blind faith that it has. It doesn’t know the result of the pain and suffering. They have so much faith and desire they will push themselves until they find a way to survive. Yes, the Eagle went through unthinkable pain, but the result is undeniable. It became the best version of itself. Really admirable …

Don’t be afraid of change, don’t be afraid of pain… pain will help you grow. Its through pain and sacrifice that you will continue to grow and continue to become the better version of yourself.

Remember to live with passion and determination!