Since the advent of spoken language man has had an incredible thirst for knowledge.  Even before we had an alphabet, mentors would sit down one to one, face to face, with their apprentices and pass on the tools that would give the next generation the ability to thrive. Then the launch of the Gutenberg printing press in 1440 exploded the spread of knowledge across the known world, putting 200 million books into circulation by the 1600’s.

Mn 1937, “Think and Grow Rich”, the book that pioneered and defined the Personal Improvement space, was first published. To date the book has sold over 120 million copies. Since then the way Personal Development knowledge is disseminated has expanded its form from books and public seminars to audio recordings and video recordings. With the birth of the Internet the form stayed the same, but access and delivery changed.

Today the Personal Development market place is $12 billion dollars in size. After 80 years of existence, this industry built around sharing life changing knowledge with themes like “Thinking Outside the Box”, “The Power of Now” and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” has actually itself innovated very little as it continues to deliver its product through books, seminars, audios and videos. This industry, consisting of the greatest minds to have ever lived and who are followed and quoted by millions of loyal followers, has changed very little in almost a century.

Envision Media Partners has a well-defined mission: “To empower and inspire people to become their greatest selves.” To make this mission a reality, we broke the mold of the classic deliver system and created something revolutionary

We created Envision VR, a giant leap forward in the delivery of Personal Development knowledge. We believe that our Immersive Personal Development system will both dramatically enhance the way current fans of PD learn, but also bring in an entirely new demographic of fans into the marketplace. Envision VR uses the power of Virtual Reality and mixes it with the greatest knowledge on the planet to create an Immersive Personal Development (IPD) experience that results in the deepest and most seamless sense of knowing possible. This is not just learning – this is owning the knowledge completely beyond just the cerebral.

Here is how people currently access Personal Development content

You are sitting in your cubicle during a very difficult morning – one of several hundred people occupying the cubicle farm – and you now need to reset your mind to get to a point of peak performance. Your choices are to walk outside to the smoking area, or just go for a walk. The problem is that you are still there in that environment, and unless you completely leave nothing will change. So, forget trying to reset the environment for a minute and go to the next option: grab a book, audio or video. Then sit in the cubicle and begin reading, listening or watching. Still, the distractions of the environment are so much greater than the knowledge you have to fight to get; but, what if you could sit down with the greatest mentors on the planet at the very moment you need them most?

This is Envision VR

You put your cell phone into its VR headset. Once you put it on, you are transported to the most beautiful home library in one of the world’s greatest mansions. When you look to the left there is a majestic fireplace with a roaring fire that is surrounded by marble and dark wooden sculptures all the way to the ceiling. At your feet is an incredible hand-made woven rug with vibrant dark colors, elegant in every way. To the right, the giant two-story windows are draped with maroon velvet curtains that flow from the hand painted ceiling to the rich hardwood floors. And in the wall in front and surrounding the fireplace are two stories of leather-bound books, with the second level accessible by the mahogany spiral staircase. You are now sitting in an environment that fills you with a feeling of success, accomplishment and unlimited possibilities.  No matter where you look, you are there.

In a moment, in the chair in front of you appears one of the greatest mentors on the planet. Somebody you know of and respect. You make eye contact and he talks to you. You have a conversation that inspires you. He gives you the steps that will turn your day around and find the greatest self within you, and with this you have the power to achieve anything. As you listen, in the corner of your eyes is this magnificent environment. So, the impact of this experience is second only to being with the mentor in person in this very place of great opulence.

All research says VR creates a seamless experience where your mind believes you are there. This is one of the reasons Envision VR is Immersive Personal Development and the experience creates deeply engrained visceral complete knowledge. When user experience Envision VR they don’t just learn, they own the knowledge.

Studies show the validity of the platform

“VR heavily depends on visual dominance, which means that your mind believes what it sees over the other senses,” says Thomas B. Talbot, the principal medical expert for the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies. Because of this factor (the technical term is “Ecological Validity”) virtual reality is especially powerful. Stanford University professor Jeremy Bailenson says his 15 years of research consistently have shown that virtual reality can change how a user thinks and behaves – in part because it is so realistic.

Envision Media Partners is the first company to offer Immersive Personal Development

Beyond the impact to individuals, this is untapped technology that will change the way all organizations hire, motivate and train employees with an impact greater than the invention of the Internet. Imagine an organization of 50,000 people where each one of them can sit down face to face with the company CEO while he shares with them the mission and direction of the company. How much more impactful would this be than reading the company newsletter!

Better yet, companies globally are spending billions of dollars each year hiring speakers to motivate and train their employees. The meeting and event industry is $280 billion in size; but the process of organizing thousands of employees to gather for these events is resource intensive, disruptive to the flow of business and often results in a brief uptick in productivity before shrinking back to previous levels. And these events are expensive and impersonal. Envision VR can completely take these disrupting events by connecting directly with each person.

The reality is simple: VR is here, but has never been used in this way. Currently VR is used for first-person shooter games, experiencing a roller coaster or climbing a mountain. And just in the last 3 years there is sizable investment in the space.

Great amounts of money are being invested in VR

In 2011, 18 year-old Palmer Luckey built a headset in his parents’ garage in Long Beach, California, that made virtual reality possible with a relatively small and inexpensive device. In 2014, Facebook bought his company, Oculus VR, for $2 billion. Facebook Chief Technology Officer Michael Schroepfer said virtual reality is now “the project I personally spend the most time on.” Starting with that $2B acquisition, followed $7B in VR investments in 2016 and the fact that Business Insider forecasted value of the Virtual Reality industry to peak $126 Billion by 2020, it is evident that this industry is here to stay.

Envision Media Partners is first through the door to harness the power of this technology and create the new niche of Immersive Personal Development

Envision Media Partners’ staff comes from a diverse background, which meld together perfectly to capitalize on the technology and create an entirely new segment in the marketplace. We have partnered with a U.S. based videogame company that is using the Unity game engine to create our virtual worlds the user will experience. The Mansion Library is just the first of many environments people will be able to choose from, and the Unreal Engine is the technology used to create some of the best-selling mobile games in history.

And rather than using a 360 camera and stitching together a flat image into a 360 environment, Envision VR builds the entire world in Unity, which creates a real 3-dimensional world with depth, texture and lighting. The visual fidelity combined with Unity’s high performance mapping creates the most engaging and immersive EVR experiences possible.

We start from here, and then bring in our entire team in Hollywood that produces feature films and television. This is a complete staff of artists, marketers, engineers, editors and visionaries that are focused on combining this talent pool to deliver an experience that will inspire and change lives.

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