If you look at yourself, and you think to yourself how many times in my life have you thought people were talking behind your back? How many times in your life have you been called a certain something, fat, stupid, worthless, ugly, broken… people wishing you were dead and nobody understands that… they say they do, but nobody understands it like you do.. cause no one sees the world through your eyes, listens through your ears, touches with your hands, feels with your heart… no one will ever will… but you can let people in, you can let people get close to you.. cause admit, your different! Admit you’re a bit weird, a bit strange and unpredictable.. cause how can you be perfect in a world full of imperfections ? and how can you be normal in a world where everybody is different?

One day, you are going to be somebody…. Even the cuts or the scars you have, don’t be ashamed of them – if people stare, let them – it shows you survived it all, it shows just truly who you are – which is just a person like them. If people judge you, let them be, they have to judge because the’re too afraid to face up to their life that is seemingly worse than yours… And if your heart feels like it is breaking, hold on, because the smile that will illuminate your face will be worth so much more in the end. Cause this is not the end of the line for you – even if you’re covered in sweat, covered in blood, kicking and screaming, having to be carried to where you really want to go, you’ll get there no matter what – cause we never throw away things that can be mended, that can be fixed… so don’t throw yourself away before your life has truly started – fix yourself.

Stay away from those that will run you down and not pick you up. Get up, brush yourself off and make something of your life- the dirt on your knees comes right off… If you are still dreaming, you’re still living – and if you had a dream worth living out, you’d do it – because in this life, you don’t know how many days you have left, how much time is plotted out for you. And you only live just this once, and that is only enough for this life you came here to be a part of.. you may feel broken, lost, lonely, or damaged – everyone has their flaws – but it is the inner you that counts, your spirit within you has no imperfections… and that spirit will never die – it was never born – it always just was and always will be.

Place your hand over your chest – you feel that? That’s your life, and until it runs out and you cannot feel it beating anymore, keep going. Your life is worth so much more. So you have 2 paths you can choose.. you can go down the path of self destruction, or the one of healing – it’s your choice.. because you are worth more than any of those people that tell you’re not – don’t ever let your heart shatter in pieces – even if it feels like it already has.. because someone out there cares for you – whatever obstacle comes your way, you can push that out of the way and keep going… if it was easy, it would come with a set of instructions but it doesn’t. there are no quick fixes sometimes, just peoples opinions that may not matter at all to who you are, or where you’re going. So remember, when your down and out close your eyes – listen to these words that I speak to you here again.. let them sink in deep within you, let them wash into your soul and drown out all that you believed to be the answers…. Because we are all in this together, connected. And it does get better when you believe…

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