Always push forward, don’t even catch your breath. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my life is not pushing forward when I felt things were going well. Don’t ever become lazy. When things are bad we push twice as hard, but when things are going well, we tend to relax… that’s dangerous. It’s normal to want to relax… we achieved our goal and now we want to relax and enjoy ourselves. But when we stop feeding the locomotive… it will stop completely. It’s harder to start it up again. It’s much easier to keep feeding it so that it continues to push forward. Be careful with relaxation when things are going well… it can lead you to believe things will always be good. We know life has its ups and downs. It won’t always be good. You’ll fall asleep on the wheel and BAM! You’ve crashed!




I understood this concept very well when I saw how crocodiles hunt in the Amazon. You know how they do it? First, they feed their prey, the prey eats until its full, and then the crocodile waits until the prey is relaxed, falls asleep, and then BOOM! It attacks! Easy prey. It’s the same in the business world. The day you relax, you let your guard down and BOOM! A piano falls on you.

Keep expanding your horizons, create bigger goals, and you’ll never fall in the trap of too much relaxation. If you want to stay on top, you must always want more. Have you heard this saying? “It’s not difficult to reach the top, it’s difficult to stay up there.”

Remember to live with passion and determination!