Don’t be a slave to your body. Your body is a tool that allows you to live on earth, it is a vehicle that you can and should control. However, the body’s job is to preserve and protect itself. The body is always alert when danger is near, that’s why it sends signals like “I’m tired,” “this hurts,” “I’m uncomfortable.” But remember the body has no mind. You’re the mind, the spirit. You know what to do, your brain must be the guide – not the body. You must take control.

Don’t be afraid of these signs, they’re not reflective of your body’s limitations. Let’s look at the US Navy Seals – they sleep 2 to 3 hours a day and train under subhuman conditions. Instead of dying, their bodies adapt to those strenuous condition and they come stronger – some of the strongest physically and mentally beings on the planet.

The body works for us, not vice versa. And if you don’t believe me, I invite you to push your body to its limits and see what happens. Your body will adapt and what you deemed impossible before, now becomes routine. There’s no middle ground. The body acts rebelliously until you turn it into your slave. Dominate it! Once you do, your body will become your faithful ally.

So the secret is to accustom your body to the rhythm of your life and it will HELP YOU TAKE YOU to your goal. You need to wake up 2 hours earlier to write that book? You need to go to school after work to get your college degree? You need to have a special diet mixed with intense workouts to lose weight and get the body you want? Just do it! Pain is temporary and it will disappear. This concept of controlling your body will change your life. Put it into practice.

Remember to live with passion and determination!