The biggest problem, the biggest obstacle that prevents us from achieving our goals is procrastination. Believing, having faith, visualizing your goals is extremely important, It’s the first crucial step in reaching the next level….. but the “action” of leaving where you are will lead to success. Taking action and not giving up until you reach your goal is what makes the difference between those who have and those who don’t. To take action out of your comfort zone you must associate pain with NOT taking action… the pain of not reaching your goals dreams. You must want something so bad that you forget to breathe, it tightens your stomach, and it ignites your passion.




Procrastination is the antithesis to success, remember our natural tendency is to want to relax and be lazy. When we sit down to that write a book, we tend to go on the internet and check Facebook rather than start writing. Just start, you will create a momentum that soon will be hard to stop….all it takes is for you to focus and start doing it…..See laziness as an enemy that disrupts you every time you want to get something done. These disruptions are internet surfing, texting, television. Get up and walk! Start writing that book, write that song, start your business. Just do it! The human spirit is much stronger than we think. We just have to have a clear goal and understand why we do what we do. One who finds the why can handle any how.

Remember to live with passion and determination!