The action of saving money to prevent a financial slump in the future is a negative action that violates the law of creation and attraction to its most basic level. Instead of saving, invest. By investing, youre growing, you’re betting on life, on yourself, you’ll become stronger, more capable, and as a result more able to face any situation. We’ve already established in several videos that the economy is changing, the rules for survival, on this planet, are not the same. There’s intense competition, hunger, we’re finishing the planet’s natural resources. We can no longer rely on social security to support our families like we’ve done in the past. If you want to ensure your own survival, invest in yourself. Become more capable. Keep growing and you’ll acquire more knowledge. Knowledge is the only thing that will ensure you survive and when you compete with others, you will be victorious. So expand, grow, become more capable. Don’t save, invest. But please, I beg you, don’t misunderstand me. Saving is an admirable action, saving is good… it requires discipline and consistency. It’s not bad to save, but it violates the law of attraction and creation because its rooted in fear. There’s a good reason they say the best defense is good offense. Remember, in the game of life, only when you’re willing to lose everything, are you ready to win.




Remember to live with passion and determination!