Always keep a positive attitude no matter how bad the circumstances or how bad your environment. You must know you have the ability to control your mind… you’re the master of your emotions and of your future, no matter where you are.

We’ve covered in other videos the only way to get ahead is to be bigger than your circumstances… Have you noticed when people ask “how are you?” they sometimes respond with “good, under the circumstances…?” You know what people are saying when they say this? They’re saying they’re victims of their environment and behave according to what’s happening around them. In other words, without free choice… a slave to their environment.




A book that changed my life was “Man’s search for meaning” by Victor Frankl. Victor was a psychiatrist who was imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp for several years… Victor said he couldn’t control what the soldiers did to him or to others, the harsh conditions or circumstances … but he could control how he felt. He could always control how he felt about various situations.

He came to the conclusion that the people who died in the concentration camp were the ones who lost hope… this explains why young, strong, and healthy people died within a few months where as elder and frail people survived years under these conditions…The reason is simple – the people who survived, despite the horrible environment, hoped to see their families again. Others hoped to survive because they wanted to tell their story and make sure this atrocity never happened again. Like Viktor Frankl said, they controlled how they felt and didn’t let the environment destroy their hope.

I was born in Spain, a beautiful country, with exquisite culture, beautiful music, and in my opinion the best cuisine in the world. But it’s a country that’s going through a tough time … ..and it’s common to hear people are unhappy and they blame the government for the current bad situations. In other words, an individual is admitting they’re unhappy because of something out of their control.

If you don’t like where you are… get out of there! It’s that simple! The problem is people would rather stay in their familiar bad enviroment instead of finding a good and unfamiliar environment. They’re unwilling to explore an unfamiliar place and, therefore, become a victim of their environment.

When I don’t like my surroundings, when I’m not comfortable and can’t see things clearly – I leave! I look for life. I look for a new environment. I look for discomfort. I dared to to look for a better situation for me and my family. Was it easy? NO. Was it worth it? YES. The secret is to have a positive attitude no matter how bad the circumstances or environment, keep dreaming, don’t doubt your abilities.

Remember to always live with passion and determination!