The only way to stay committed is to be consistent. Once you’ve identified your goals, the most important ingredient in your formula for success will be consistency. Something magical happens when you adopt a new habit and you maintain it for 21 days.

The body adapts to a new habit until it becomes routine. For example, exercise or diet. If you’ve never been to the gym or haven’t been to the gym in a while, and you suddenly decide to wake up at 5am to workout – you will hate it. You’ll feel lazy, lethargic. After you workout, you’ll be sore and be in extreme pain. You may even feel like you’re dying and your mind will tell you “this is bad for you.” But don’t give in. Keep working out. Do it for 3 weeks in a row. You’ll not only become stronger, but you’ll feel much happier. You’ll notice in the fourth week, you’ll no longer need an alarm clock to wake up and you won’t be in pain or feel bad. This is the same with food. I challenge you to stop eating sugar, white flour, processed foods, and dairy products for 3 weeks. Not only will you lose weight and feel better, you won’t want any sweet desserts. The desserts may even gross you out.

The body gets used to what we give it! The body is not us, it works for us, big difference. Change is difficult, it costs a lot of effort, but remember after the pain, there’s only rewards. The pain may last a day, a month, or a year, but then it’ll disappear and be replaced by strength, endurance, and happiness. Surrendering and throwing in the towel lasts forever. Never give up, keep pushing, and achieve greatness.

Remember to live with passion and determination!