The best tool to keep fighting, to get ahead, is to learn from the past. Don’t use the past as a threat to your future. Don’t give up. The future does not have to be like your past. Learn from your past so it doesn’t happen again. That’s the secret! The problem is people live in the past and let themselves suffer in the present where they’re always afraid and refuse to try anything new again.

I was watching an interview with Barbara Corcoran, she’s a multi-billion dollar sales expert who appears in “Shark Tank.” She was asked a question that immediately caught my attention. They asked her what special characteristic do all her star sellers have in common. To everyone’s surprise, instead of answering “a degree from Harvard” or “extensive experience,” she said the most important quality is how fast a person pick’s themselves up after a failure and move on from the past. Those who get up every day, who optimistically believe that today will bring them success, despite what’s happened in the past, those are the people who produce more for their company and earn more money.

Learn from the past and create your future.

Remember to live with passion and determination!