Don’t blindly chase success for material reasons because then success will fall through your hands. To get more you have to become more, and success will come to you! Being more capable and being more valuable means more people and more opportunities will come to you! Hence the term “being attractive.”

When you enrich yourself intellectually and when you phyically take care of yourself, your self-confidence grows, that’s how you become attractive. Invest in yourself, in your mind, your body, your manners, your clothes – become more and have more. Multi-national companies are continuously looking for reliable people, with manners, education and discipline … Become a person who adds value and opportunities will come searching for you.

In order for things to change, you’re the one who has to change. Change is uncomfortable, that’s why few people do it. Let me tell you this, change begins in your mind, your positive attitude, and then your body will follow. At first, your mind and body will resist change, but don’t worry, eventually your mind and body will adapt to change. It always does. So be positive and have faith. Change, push forward, and good things will come!

Remember to live with passion and determination!