A number of times Hope is defined as the desire and search for future good , difficult but it’s possible to make it happen with God’s help . Something called Hope is a film dedicated to hope and optimism, a major key to the lifestyle we live.

About the film makers… MotivateMe Productions –  We line up with motivated individuals to strive for our dreams and strengthen our craft with great force and passion.There are individuals who are less fortunate and those who struggle to seek for their purpose. Our mission is to remind them that their very existence is so important, that they can still have a positive effect on this world.

Each year we embark on a positive movement called Road2Relief  –  (R2R) is orchestrated by a group of young individuals who are passionate about seeking generations of people looking for a deeper meaning in their life.Join us on the road to relief as we give back to our communities and spread Peace & Love!

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