Physiology and communication are closely linked. Your body positioning affects your mindset and your message. Create comfortable body positioning that’s conducive to better communication and higher productivity.

It’s difficult to be decisive when reclining in your armchair, feet on the desk. Never confuse comfort with confidence. Change your body positioning, and your words, voice and mindset will follow.

If you’re seated in a meeting, lean forward and make intermittent eye contact with other meeting participants. Taking notes is not only productive, but a sign that you’re engaged in the dialogue and value the time spent.

The same rules apply on the phone. If you stand while speaking, you breathe more freely, better project your voice, and sustain higher levels of energy. Ernest Hemingway preferred to stand when he worked because it helped him stay focused.

Additionally, how you carry yourself can compete with what you say. Your body language must manifest the same message as your words. If there is any kind of disconnect, your body language always trumps; sincere words with shifty eyes raises suspicions.

Test the physiology-communication link by working part of the day on your feet. You’ll be better engaged, and amazed at what you accomplish without the luxury of a warm seat.