The secret to live a rich and fulfilled life is to choose a clear goal without any limitations what so ever. It is actually your responsibility to choose the highest goal you can possibly imagine.

You have to understand that you cannot be afraid or have any limits when choosing your goals… Because your goals are the very thing will give you strength and create incredible purpose in your life.

That resulting purpose will feed you and keep you going when the road ahead becomes filled with obstacles… The bigger your dreams are, the more strength, energy, and passion you will have each and every day.

The meaning you give your life is directly proportional to the size of your goal, and as a result, determines your level of happiness.

In the past, it happened to me several times where once I’ve achieved a goal and felt satisfied, the satisfaction was immediately replaced by depression. That made no sense to me until one day I saw the light and it changed my life forever.

The reason was simple… Human beings need a reason, a purpose, to live. The greater your goals and dreams the greater your reason. The greater your purpose.

So if you are feeling down, If you feel you have no “motivation”… step back and take a look at your goals. Look at where you are and where you want to go and ask yourself, “Am I limiting dreams?” “Am I reaching to low when it comes to my goals?”

Starting right this very second. I want you to create a new commitment to yourself. I want you to agree when envisioning your dreams that you will reach for the highest dream imaginable.

Do you want to make 200 thousand this year? Then I want you to see yourself making a million. Do you want a new car in three months, make it a Rolls Royce. Stretch your imagination to see the greatest your possible.

Visualize yourself at the highest peak of success imaginable and don’t give up until you own that dream … and once you achieve it, set another goal, an even bigger one.

Because, the moment we stop dreaming and wanting… that’s the moment the soul begins to perish.

So keep grow. Keep dreaming. Keep reaching for greatness and remember to live with passion and determination!