The most valuable possession we have is knowledge. If I was to loose my house, my cars, and my money… it would hurt me tremendously. But because I have the knowledge of how to make money, I’ll recover immediately. However, if I were to lose my knowledge, I would have nothing. Do you understand? I wouldn’t know how to recover, an economic recession or a tough financial moment would destroy me.

But by being educated and being informed, you become bulletproof. Knowledge is the key to success because when you have knowledge, you can find the right business partner, the right product, and the right thing to do and how to do it. With knowledge at your side, you’ll be fearless and you’ll be able to handle any situation.

Yes, there will be things beyond your knowledge, but when you’re educated and informed – you can always acquire new knowledge. Corporations and companies are built on the knowledge of individuals so your knowledge and wisdom is what makes you valuable in the job market! So when you go out to play and lose, the truth is you’re still winning – Because what you learn from that experience makes you grow and you obtain knowledge as a result. So go out and play, go for a win, and always keep in mind that even when you lose, in reality you’re winning. Recovering from a hit makes you stronger and what you learn from experience makes you more capable. As a result, always keep training, reading, and going to seminars, but true knowledge is acquired “playing the game.” That’s why you should you go out and try to win, without fear.
I’ve always said the best way to learn how to swim is to throw yourself into the water. Always look for a learning experience in every situation, observe everyone, what do successful people do, and what do unsuccessful people do. Learn from them, apply it, and you’ll survive this volatile job market. Knowledge is your best friend, never lose sight of it. So you never really loose, you either win or learn something.

Remember to live with passion and determination!