In the world there are many types of people. In LA where in live, there are two types in particular that I find most interesting. These two types both consider themselves to be Film Makers, but the way they purse their paths are very different.

One Film Maker sits at home two feet from his camera and lap top computer staring at the phone, crying because its not ringing. “There is no work for me.” As each day goes by, they sink deeper into their pity party while doing nothing about it.

The other gets up, grabs the laptop and starts writing. He or she calls their friends. They grab their cameras, lights, makeup and just start creating something… anything. They choose to take action… any action.

I have met many of both types but choose to maintain relationships and surrounded myself with the doers, the ones that take action. My reason for this is very clear. I believe the attitudes of both of these types of people, though polar opposite are equally infectious. Both naturally draw others into their orbits. I have no interest in being sucked into a slow motion spiraling black hole of despair. Why in the world would I? Why would you? Why in the world would anyone? But it happens all the time.

The amazing thing is in both cases, each person has the ability to do “something”. They have this huge amount of power and control over what they are doing “right now”. This very moment, very second, this “right now” is very much in their control. This “right now” leads to the next right now which leads to the next right now and the next and controlling and taking positive action on one small “right now” after another leads to greatness.

A marathon is not one 26 mile stride. It’s many strides, the strides you are taking “right now” and each successful stride there after leads to victory. Its important to note, the victory is not in beating others to the finish line. Real victory is reaching your own personal goals and once you get there, realizing there is so much more you can achieve.

The biggest stride you can take “right now” is to look at the orbits you are a part of and deciding if they are getting you closer to your goal or sucking you into theirs.

Are the people around you always complaining about how hard life is? How broke they are, how unfair the world is, nobody calls them back. They can’t get a break.

Or, are they constantly upbeat? Anything is possible. They just ate the most amazing dinner they could ever imagine. They took their camera to the beach and recorded the most incredible sunset they have ever seen, someday that will be the ending of a movie. They just bought their dream home. Their book was just published. They just moved into their new office. They helped a friend proof read his script. They planted a mini herb garden today in a plastic bin in their apartment that was filed with old clothes for the last year that they just donated to charity using . They woke up this morning and walked the canyon.

Which orbit do you want to be a part of? You control your life and the orbits you are a part of. Life is incredible when when you pick the right orbits. Its the most fulfilling when you meet amazing people, surround yourself with them and start creating with them.

You can live in an amazingly fulfilling shinny world of you own creation surrounded by and a part of beautiful warm glowing orbits. Or you can be a part of the other thing. It is completely up to you and it all starts with “right now”.

There is incredible power in taking action and the smallest action you take “right now” determines your progress towards or away from what you want your life to be. As you take the next step and the next, the goal becomes brighter and closer. Each step becomes easier. The path becomes more clear. The goal closer. You see it in your mind more and more clear each day with each step. You reach your stride and now each positive step becomes automatic. You can look around and enjoy the world you are creating, and that joy drives you farther. You break through your goal just as a new one materializes and you become more powerful, more clear and more filled with joy. And this continues.

This can be yours. Anything can be yours and it all begins with “right now”!