Working From Home Can Save the World and here is why.
  • In the US alone would save over $650 billion by changing to a Home Based Business or Telecommute work models.
  • Oil consumption would be reduced by 280m barrels a year.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions would be reduced by the equivalent of 9 million cars a year.
  • Most people will save…
  • $1500.00 a year on gas.
  • Save $3000 a year on lunch, dinner and coffee
  • Save $4-7k a year on child care.
  • Save $1700 a year on wardrobe.
  • Gain 12 weeks a year by not sitting in your car every day, in traffic going to and from the cubicle farm.
*Source: Global Work Place Analytics, Telework Research Network, US Census Bureau, AP Workonomix, NAC&RA

If people today could escape the business environments of living under fluorescent lights, coughing on each other in cubicle farms 5 days a week, they would be happier, healthier, smarter, be kinder to the earth, get reacquainted with their families and save money.  All resulting in the best quality of life possible.

Home Corp is a weekly series. In Episode one we meet Candy,  an Mosaic Glass artist and single Mom living in New York City.  As an artist she is the best at her craft.  There was no way she would trade quality time raising her daughter for the long hours in a shop to build her business.  So she does smaller jobs from home on her own.  She felt working from home meant she could not compete for the bigger, better paying jobs. She does not have a quality business presence online. She uses her cell phone as the business line and there is no process in place that would lighten the organizational load of the business.  All of this has all led to Candy never reaching her full potential and not making the money she really could.

Episode 1 is built around the team pouring their hearts and talent into Candy and her business.  We heal the person, the family and the business.
The Team uses their knowledge and connections to bring Candy the Tools, Processes and Home Office Etiquette that will help turn her Home Based Business into a well oiled, highly efficient profitable machine.

Each episode is a life changing event for the business person we choose.

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